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Company Introduction

ACN Industry Inc. offers a complete range of differential pressure flowmeters, including orifice plate, self-conditioning or multi-hole orifice plate, conical flowmeter (a.k.a. A-cone, v cone flowmeter or cone meter), Venturi tube, flow nozzle, wedge meter and AnnuBar, etc. Our other fluid handling and control devices include level gauge & level transmitter, coriolis flowmeter, specialty chemical pump, valve, wellhead products and diagnostic software for flowmeters. We also offer solar power system including solar panel, mounting frame, inverter and storage battery, etc. We combine the advanced technology and manufacturing efficiency to offer reliable, efficient and green products to the customers in worldwide. 


Conical Flowmeter


Rectangular Conical Flowmeter (ACN-RVP)


cone flowmeter

a.k.a. A-cone, v cone flowmeter or cone meter, the contoured shape of cone and its flow-conditioning effects successfully enhance the accuracy and shorten straight pipe run requirement. The performance is widely proven in oil & gas, petrochemical and other industries, and acclaimed to meet challenges in tough applications.

ACN cone flowmeter introduction


rectangular conical flowmeter

Rectangular conical flowmeter (ACN-RVP) is used in rectangular and square pipe-lines of furnaces, ovens, boiler houses for flow measurement of combustion air, stack gases, coke-oven gas, bio-gas and pulverized-fuel gas, etc.

ACN-RVP Introduction


Self-Conditioning Orifice Flowmeter (ACN-RC)


Flow Nozzle


self-conditioning orifice flowmeter

The Self-Conditioning Orifice Flowmeter (ACN-RC) is an advancement to the traditional differential pressure flow measurement technologies. By equally distributing the original one throttling hole of an orifice plate into four equal and evenly placed throttling holes, ACN-RC can modulate the original flow velocity profile in pipeline into a proper state for measurement in the flow displacement area. ACN-RC Introduction


flow nozzle Not relying on a sharp-edge to ensure its accuracy as sharp-edge blunts with usage, flow nozzles can keep their accuracy in a longer life. At the same time, flow nozzles can endure high temperature, high pressure and impact with wider measurement range, higher accuracy and lower pressure loss, therefore are especially suitable for the measurement in steam of power plant, heating duct lines and high velocity flows. ACN flow nozzle introduction

Orifice Plate


Venturi Tube


orifice plate

Besides normal-usage orifice plates, our research and development are dedicated to special-featured orifice plates, such as high-pressure models and compact integration models suitable for limited installation spaces.

ACN orifice plate introduction

venturi tube

Venturi tubes are well-known for their simple structure, stable performance, safety and reliability. They belong to standardized FE’s, therefore calibration may be exempted. They also save energy with smaller pressure loss, and are not prone to be fouled or clogged. They have many applications including measurement of coal gas and raw water of water plants. ACN venturi tube introduction



Wedge Flow Element & Wedge Meter


Level Product Series


wedge meter

Achieves desirable accuracy for high viscosity, low Reynolds and abrasive fluids e.g. crude oil, residual oil, wax, asphalt, sewage, waste water, coal tar, ore water, slurry oil, black water, and other solid/liquid mixtures with solid particles and suspended matters. ACN wedge meter introduction

level product series

Intelligent Displacer Level Transmitter

Intelligent RF Capacitance Level Transmitter
Static Pressure Level Transmitter

Displacer Level Gauge

Guided Wave Radar Level Gauge

Integration Ultrasonic Level Gauge
Magnetic Level Gauge & Magnetic Level Transmitter
Level Switch

... ACN level products introduction



Water Valve & Electric Actuator


Coriolis Mass Flowmeter


609A Wafer Butterfly Valve

609A Wafer Butterfly Valve

Double Offset (Bieccentric) High Performance Butterfly Valve

Double Offset (Bieccentric) High Performance Butterfly Valve

coriolis mass flowmeter

Series P and Series N coriolis mass flowmeter (with DPT or IPT transmitters) for 0.1% and 0.15% accuracy levels.

ACN coriolis introduction


QC Valve Actuator

QC Valve Actuator


LK Intelligent Electric Actuator

LK Intelligent Electric Actuator




API 6A & 16C Wellhead & Manifold Equipment


API 6A & 16C Wellhead & Manifold Equipment

API 6A Products:
   Casing Head
   Tubing Head
   Cross, Flange
   Wellhead Christmas Tree

API 16C Products:
   Manual - Hydraulic Slab Gate Valve
   Drilling Spool
   Choke and Kill Manifold

  API 6A & 16C Wellhead & Manifold Equipment

vertical high-speed pump horizontal high-speed pump Vertical and horizontal multi-task high-speed pump for petrochemical transmission and other purposes.ACN pump introduction

Subsea Sensors for Subsea Control Module (SCM)


Subsea Sensors for Subsea Control Module (SCM)

Subsea Differential Pressure Transmitter

solar power generation We are the sole-distributor of ACnergy® in the U.S. We offer quality, efficient and economic solar modules used in commercial, household and utility projects. ACnergy solar power generation introduction
  Model 7540
  Series 39X

Subsea Pressure Transducer

  Model 7500
  Model 7500 - M254
  Series 33X & 35X
  Series PT 36XX
Subsea Temperature Transducer
  Model 7800
  Model 7850
  Model 340T
  Series T280
Subsea Turbine Flowmeter
  Industrial Type Turbine Flowmeter
  100 Series Flow Computer




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